6 Strange health tricks that actually work

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A lot of health advice is actually common sense but there are some exceptions. These strange health tricks might surprise you, although they’re tried and true. If you’re a health conscious person you’re going to want to know them so keep reading!

Eat more to eat less

You might be tempted to have multiple small meals throughout the day but it’s not an ideal solution. If you eat small amounts of carbs (somewhere around 100-200 calories) they will only make you hungrier compared to a more substantial meal.

Ingesting a small amount of carbs will raise your blood sugar levels and increase your carb cravings. Combine healthy carbs with protein and fat to get a satiating snack that will keep you full for a longer time. This way you’ll end up eating less calories and you won’t be starving either.

Avoid energy drinks when you’re tired

If you’re afraid drinking coffee too late in the evening will ruin your sleep habits than don’t reach for that energy drink either. Energy drinks can contain up to five times more caffeine compared to coffee and that energy boost they can give is accompanied by some nasty side effects such as faster heartbeat and irritability. Also, if you’re trying to lose weight or at the very least not gain more pounds, energy drinks are definitely not waist-friendly. Just a single can has over 50 grams of sugar which will spike blood sugar levels.

Drink coffee before a nap

It might seem like the above advice completely contradicts this one but there is a logic behind it. Japanese scientists conducted an experiment on “coffee naps”. They had the test subjects consume approximately 200 milligrams of caffeine (that’s how much you get from two cups of coffee) and then take a quick 20-minute nap right after.

It turns out when they woke up they felt more refreshed and had improved performance on computer tests than the people who just took a nap.

You might wonder how this could possibly work? It seems like it takes caffeine about 20 minutes to kick in and remove adenosine from the brain, making you feel more alert. Adenosine is a molecule that gives us the feeling of fatigue. The nap helps lower adenosine levels and caffeine blocks it which is why we wake up more refreshed than by taking just the nap.

Gain muscle to look slimmer

While weight gain is something that usually scares people, it’s not the same as gaining muscle. I know this might also sound intimidating for some women, but ladies I assure you that you won’t end up looking like the Rock if you start lifting serious weights. While a pound of fat is the same as a pound of muscle, muscle is much denser and takes up less space.

So if you can keep your diet in check and you do what must be done in the gym you will end up losing fat and gaining muscle which will make you look slimmer but also more toned.

Don’t brush your teeth right after eating

It turns out post-meal oral hygiene is not recommended. After you eat, especially if you ingested some acidic foods or drinks, your teeth’s enamel will be temporarily softened. Brushing your teeth during that period can actually increase the acid’s effect on your enamel and erode the layer underneath. For this reason, it’s best to wait 30-60 minutes after a meal before brushing.

Reduce bloat by drinking water

I think the last thing you feel like doing when your bloated is drinking some water, but it can actually work. Dehydration is a frequent cause of bloating since that’s when your body will try to retain the water that’s already inside. Also, those who eat lots of fiber-rich foods will need an increased water intake. Water and soluble fiber mix and form a gel like substance which can help you depuff.

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