5 Best free music players for Windows

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Windows 10 now has the Groove Music app but that doesn’t stop most users from choosing a third-party music player as their daily driver. The famous Winamp has died and is about to get resurrected but until then, we still need some alternatives. For this reason, we’re going to talk about the best free music players for Windows you can get right now.

Since playing music is a common need, we’re not lacking choices when it comes to Windows music players. And while there are plenty of commercial apps, there are some excellent free products as well.

5 Best free music players for Windows

If you’re tired of your old music player and need some fresh options that also happen to be free, check out our selection below.


I may not be very objective placing foobar2000 first on our list because it also happens to be the music player I’m using but it’s totally worth checking out. Its name might seem a bit outdated but the app itself definitely isn’t.

foobar2000 is lightweight but also highly customizable – you can split its interface into multiple modules, each showing different types of information. You can also easily sort your music using your folders and the built-in tagging system.


VLC Media PLayer is very popular as a video player, which is why you might find it weird that we’re including it in our list of best free music players for Windows. However, this app is very good at playing music as well, and you don’t need to download any additional addon or program for this purpose.

You can quickly load music into VLC via drag and drop and the app also lets you stream music from online radios. Since VLC is famous for its expandable functionality via plugins you might want to check those as well.

Groove Music

Groove Music is Microsoft’s app and was designed to replace the good old Windows Media Player. Nevertheless, Microsoft may have rushed its launch a bit as in its infancy Groove Music lacked various features as well as codec support.

Since then, this app has become very functional and let’s not forget it’s a Windows 10 default app, so unless you’re running an older Windows version, you already have it installed.

Groove Music may not be one of the most feature-rich apps but it does integrate flawlessly into Windows, and syncs across Windows devices but also other platforms such as iOS and Android thanks to the Microsoft Groove app. You can also use it to store your music collection on OneDrive. At the moment, it supports all popular formats and also provides gapless playback.


MusicBee‘s default theme is very similar to iTunes which makes it a great choice for those who’d like to switch from iTunes to a different music player. However, the layout is customizable in a way similar to foobar2000 and you can also use playlists and smart playlists to organize your songs.

On top of that, MusicBee supports all major audio formats, comes with a built-in audio converter, syncs across multiple devices and lets you easily import iTunes libraries.


At some point, I was a huge AIMP fan – I loved it because it’s interface is similar to Winamp with numerous themes to choose from and offers excellent audio customization functions.

AIMP can also convert your audio to various formats, allows you to stream online radio stations and, surprisingly, it even includes an alarm clock.

Hopefully, our list of 5 best free music players for Windows has helped you find your new favorite app for playing audio. There are certainly other interesting options so let us know if you know another free music player that’s worthy of attention.

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